In 1906 Edith Holden started a Diary, now known as ‘The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady’. In it, she observed Natures cycle through the months of the year, writing simply about the weather, the birds, the flowers and the natural world around her. All the pages are beautifully ornamented with her original artwork and favourite poems. In this Blog, I’m going to try to emulate her Diary in a modern way. For a start, this is a blog on a computer, not pen and ink lovingly written on paper! However, I hope that the end result will have some similarities, in that I want to capture day by day, month by month the steady rhythm of Nature through the year. For although our 21st century lives are hectic, chaotic, noisy and deafened by electronics, the beat of the natural world, which is the backdrop to all our lives whether we notice it or not, remains ever the same. So take a sedate, gentle and steady-paced journey with me through the next year, observing the natural world. Our way of life may have changed almost beyond recognition since 1906, but nature is doing what it always has done, the cycle of nature remains constant and reassuringly predictable. In that respect, nothing has changed. ‘ No Winter lasts forever; no Spring skips its turn.’ (Hal Borland)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 30th.

The last day of April, and what a beautiful day, though there was frost and a heavy dew lying on the fields when I went out early this morning. The birds were already in full chorus and it was lovely to see blackcaps in the hedges and hear chiff-chaffs calling, you know it's summer when the migrant birds return even if there was a frost! I went to see if the early purple orchids are in flower yet and they were; a nice patch of them in pretty flower on the woodland floor. Walked up along the river which was quit except for a few swans.Along the lanes I found a long-tailed tits nest, but unfortunately as with so many nests so far this year it had been attacked ,with feathers scattered in the hedge. Such a shame, they are the most beautiful nests.Also saw a raven raiding a magpies nest, which is a bit of a turn around as magpies are terrible for attacking other birds nests, they are a real pest in nesting season and cause a lot of destruction, but still felt a bit sorry for the pair of distressed magpies angrily clacking at the raven who ignored them completely and carried on pulling their nest to bits to get at the eggs inside. Happily though I saw a blackbird fledgling today, so at least some are having some luck in the very thin and sparse hedgerows. Perhaps May will bring some warmer weather!

Some days in the Usk Valley in April.

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